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Florida 7 Year Old Watches 2 Pit Bulls Attack Her Pony

A family in Lake City, Florida, is still worried about the severe wounds inflicted on their pony, Tom-Tom, on Sunday morning, November 20, and the psychological trauma to 7-year-old Daphne Greene, who witnessed the two pit bulls maul her beloved pet.

Laurel Greene, Daphne’s mother, said she ran outside and saw the pony lying on the ground, covered in blood, with the two pit bulls standing over it, according to the Lake City Reporter. She said she yelled at the dogs until one crawled under the 4-foot fence that surrounded the pony’s pen and the other dog jumped over the fence

“There’s hardly a spot on that pony’s body that doesn’t have a bite,” John Greene told reporters, ‘I thought he was dead, to tell you the truth. What hurts me is to see the horse in so much pain and to see the kids in so much pain when they are taking care of him. What if this would’ve happened to one of my kids?’ 

It’s uncertain if the pony, Tom-Tom, will recover from the physical injuries, which the owners described as "so severe they thought they would have to kill the animal to put it out of its misery," writes reporter Gordon Jackson.

Columbia County Animal Control officers recognized the description of the two dogs from an earlier report about the pit bulls that killed a cat in the area belonging to a woman in a wheelchair. 

In that attack, the owner said she yelled at the dogs until they stopped mauling the cat; but they turned toward her and started barking, and she was afraid they were going to attack her.  She said she continued to scream at them until they ran away, but her beloved cat died in her lap.

The pit bulls are in custody at the animal shelter. The owner said he is willing to pay "…any restitution to satisfy the horse’s owners, including buying them a new horse."  But the Greene family doesn’t want the dogs returned to their owner. Susan Greene said, “We just want the dogs gone.”

Robert Bridges, editor of the Lake City Reporter, said on November 25, that it appears Tom-Tom will recover. But he agreed that the pet pony could still use some prayers.


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