Flight from Logan Airport Returns to Boston After Passengers Grow Concerned Over Two Arabic Men


A plane that took off from Boston's Logan Airport on Tuesday and was headed to Chicago returned to the airport after passengers became concerned over two men speaking Arabic on the flight.

The men were reportedly not seated next to each other, but were both speaking the language. Once multiple people complained, the plane returned to the gate and the men were taken off the plane.

The flight was full of Boston Marathon runners. There are currently no details about the men or what happened to them when they were taken off the plane.

With the continuing confusion surrounding the bombings, many are growing concerned over any suspicious activity they witness.

The FBI and Boston Police currently do not know who planted the bombs, but there was a report that police were holding a 20-year-old Saudi Arabian in custody. That report has since been refuted. 

They have also refuted reports about an undetonated device planted around the marathon, as well as a report that a third explosion took place at JFK Library.

Police have suggested that the attackers may be of a foreign origin, especially because the techniques used to create the bomb are often used by Afghan terrorists.

Sources: Inquisitr, FOX


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