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Woman Screams, Cries, Removes Clothing On Plane (Video)

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A flight from Denver, Colorado, to Portland, Oregon, was forced to turn around after a passenger had an intense meltdown on the plane (video below).

On May 23, a Frontier Airlines flight needed to turn around to attend to a woman who was screaming, kicking the cockpit door, and had taken off her clothes after the plane had started taxiing. According to a passenger who recorded the incident, the woman gave several warning signs something was about to happen, reports KDVR.

"Her behavior was really erratic, up and down, crying and then laughing and then crying," said "Devin," who wished to remain anonymous after responses he received to his YouTube video. He said the behavior started "even before she got on the plane."

Devin’s YouTube video, which has since been removed from the site, showed 3 1/2 minutes of the breakdown after the plane had started to head back toward the gate, according to the Daily Mail.

"I was uncomfortable and I wasn't sitting next to her," Devin said.

In the recording, the woman pounded on the cockpit door with her hands, lifted her legs over her head to kick the door, and screamed “You don’t realize we’re about to die,” and, “We’re going down."

"She attempted to pull out the oxygen bag," Devin recalled. "She attempted to pry that open and then, at that point, she had enough and she jumped out of her seat, jumped over the person closest to the aisle there."

Devin stopped recording the incident once the woman started to remove her clothing.

"There were no clothes," he said. "Not even socks."

According to a representative for the airline, Denver police officers escorted the woman off the aircraft. The flight later continued to its destination.

Steve Cowell, an aviation safety consultant, told KDVR he believes staff could have handled the situation better, and that paramedics should have been called before police.

"This was clearly a medical emergency that needed an immediate response,” Cowell explained. "There is no excuse to see an airplane with a problem like this and not have paramedics on board taking charge of the situation. In the period of time that this video lasts."

Because the woman showed signs of erratic behavior before boarding, Cowell said passengers and gate agents should have stepped in.

"Do the other passengers a favor," he said. "Tell a ground agent if you see something. Tell a flight attendant if you hear something. Let them take charge."

Sources: KDVR, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Brian Summers/Skift

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