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Passenger Pokes Snoring Seatmate, Causes Two Hour Flight Delay (Video)

A woman caused a two hour delay on a Southwest Airlines flight after allegedly “poking” her seatmate with a pen because he was snoring loudly.

The incident occurred on April 16. The flight was scheduled to leave Chicago’s Midway International Airport for Manchester, New Hampshire, at 1:15 p.m. when a woman decided that she could no longer endure her seatmate’s snoring.

“Imagine being asleep and then being stung by bees and waking up going, ‘Ouch!’” the victim, Lenny Madarski, told WMUR.

Madarski's friend, Mike Sutton, corroborated the story and added a few details.

"Chucklehead here fell asleep on the taxi on the runway," Sutton explained. "His arm brushed onto her ... she went nuts ... started stabbing him with a pen and he screamed really loud like a little girl."

Other witnesses said Madarski's snoring was “loud” and added that he was also loud after being poked.

“He said, ‘She stabbed me with a pen!’” said Charlie Ray, a passenger on the flight. “He just kept saying he was sleeping and ‘She stabbed me with a pen!’”

The pilots turned the plane around and the Chicago Fire Department was called to the scene, ABC News reported.

Southwest spokeswoman Brandy King said in a statement that Madarski was not injured. He had minor bruising and some ink marks on the sleeve of his shirt.

The pen-wielding attacker, whose name was not released, was removed from the plane and put on a later flight, Southwest Airlines officials said. Her antics caused a two-hour delay, which made other passengers unhappy.

“It was such a minor incident,” another witness told ABC News. “I think it inconvenienced a lot of people."

Sources: ABC News, WMUR

Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Ryan Bergeron via ABC News


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