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Stewardess Allegedly Murdered By Her Boyfriend

A stewardess was allegedly stabbed to death by her boyfriend while they were visiting her family in Texas, and now he is facing first-degree murder charges.

According to reports, 52-year-old Joseph Karr flew from California to meet his girlfriend’s family in Austin, Texas, over the weekend. Kelly Turner, 43, introduced Karr to her loved ones, and some of them say that he was “very quiet” during their dinner together.

“I didn't pick up on anything that disturbed me,” said Turner's sister Barbara Shannon.“I noticed he was quiet; he was very quiet.”

On Saturday, police found Turner’s body and discovered Karr in a nearby field. He has since been arrested and is currently being held on $2-million bail.

Friends and family say that Turner, a Southwest Airlines flight attendant, was an amazing, positive woman who was always there for them.

“She met me at a time when I was really struggling with substance abuse problems myself, and she never gave up on me,” said friend of 20 years Irek Banaczyk.

“That beautiful smile; when she walked into a room, she just lit up the room with her smile,” said Shannon. “She always saw something good in every person.”

Police are actively investigating the case as Turner’s family and friends prepare a memorial service for her next weekend.

Sources: Daily Mail, KVUE


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