Flight Attendant Warns Passengers About Drug-Sniffing Dogs Waiting at Airport


A flight attendant warned Jetstar airline passengers about drug-sniffing dogs waiting for them at the Sydney, Australia, airport on Sunday night.

"We have been told there are sniffer dogs and quarantine officers waiting in the domestic terminal," said the flight attendant, noted The Daily Telegraph. "If you need to dispose of anything you shouldn't have, we suggest you flush it now."

Many of the passengers, who had attended a weekend music festival, quickly ran to the bathrooms.

However, some passengers were offended by the warning, which likely saved their fellow travelers from jail sentences.

“I was shocked,” an unidentified passenger told The Daily Telegraph. “Why would you tip people off about this? If they have got something illegal, let them get caught. I obviously couldn’t tell if people were flushing things, but several of the people who suddenly got up to queue for the toilet had things clenched in their hand.’’

Jetstar said in a statement, "The crew member's words were poorly chosen and are plainly at odds with the professional standards we'd expect from our team. We apologize to customers offended by the comments."

However, the response on Jetstar's Facebook page was mostly positive, notes the Associated Press:

What a good Samaritan, Jetstar Australia this guy deserves a promotion.

Of course you should warn your passengers to help avoid them being humiliated, locked in a cage or fined.

Sources: Associated Press and The Daily Telegraph (Image Credit: Aero Icarus)


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