Flight Attendant Switches Shift At Last Minute, Ends Up On Doomed Flight MH17


A flight attendant decided to switch shifts and wound up being on the Malaysian Airlines flight that was shot down over Ukraine yesterday. In a bizarre turn of events, reports say that the man’s wife, also a flight attendant, had switched shifts back in March and was consequently saved from the other Malaysian flight that went missing over the Indian Ocean.

Sanjid Singh, 41, reportedly made the last minute decision to switch his shift and thus ended up on Malaysia Airlines flight that was shot down yesterday. Now, Singh and the 297 other people on board are dead, and his family says they are devastated.

“My son spoke to me over the phone just before his flight,” Sanjid’s 71-year-old father Jijar Singh said. “I didn't know that would be my last conversation with him. What has happened has happened.”

Jijar confirmed that, bizarrely, Sanjid’s wife was meant to be on missing Malaysian Flight MH370 back in March, but switched shifts with someone right before and had her life spared.

“Sanjid's wife was meant to fly on MH370 but swapped with another colleague at the last minute,” Jijar recounted.

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down yesterday over Ukrainian airspace, and now, officials are investigating to find out who is behind the tragedy. Flight MH370 has still not been located since it randomly went missing over the Indian Ocean back in March. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Times of India, Economic Times


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