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Flight Attendant Attacked By Passenger During Flight From New York (Video)

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A passenger on a United Airlines flight from New York to Chicago reportedly attacked a flight attendant, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in Detroit (video below). 

Passenger Matthew Goldgraben said that the woman involved was sitting next to him, and that the incident began when the attendant was coming through the aisle to serve beverages. The stewardess accidentally spilled a drink, causing the passenger to snap and begin attacking her. 

Goldgraben said that the woman had her hands around the flight attendant’s throat, ripping her necklace off and scratching her face, reported Daily Mail. Several passengers were able to get the woman to the ground and stop the attack, and the pilot proceeded to divert the plane to Detroit. 

When the plane landed at around 8:15 p.m., police got on board and arrested the woman. Authorities said she might have suffered some sort of medical situation.

The flight was delayed for about an hour before eventually taking off once again for Chicago, according to WXYZ.

Sources: Daily Mail, WXYZ, NBC New York / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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