Flight Attendant From AirAsia Flight QZ8501 Leaves Boyfriend A Message


A flight attendant from the tragic AirAsia plane crash left a message for her boyfriend on her Instagram account.

Officials confirmed that Kahairunnisa Haidar Fauzi, 22, was among the 7 bodies recovered from flight route QZ8501, which crashed into the Java Sea on Sunday, taking all 162 souls on board.

Some time before the tragic crash, Fauzi had posted a picture on her Instagram account believed to be dedicated to her boyfriend, Divo. It was a picture of a napkin placed on a cabin window with the words, “I love you from 38,000 ft,” written on it.

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The 22-year-old stewardess was living her dreams of working as a flight attendant. Her body was identified by local media who noticed her name tag was still intact on her uniform.

Fauzi’s father described the former law student as both “beautiful and smart.”

“This is what we expected, and the sooner the body is returned, the sooner we can have her back,” Haidar Fauzi told Fairfax Media.

Haidar said that he and his wife last saw their daughter about six weeks ago. He said they were not distraught, “because we only borrowed our daughter from God and now he has taken her back.

“We plan on burying her back in our hometown, Palembang,” he added. “We’ve been promised they will facilitate it.”

Efforts to recover the rest of the victims of Sunday’s plane crash will continue tomorrow morning.

Source: Independent / Photo Credit: Instagram


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