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Fleeing Driver Takes Down Cop with Jiu-Jitsu (Video)

A recently released New Mexico State Police dashcam video shows Shae Russell Nakai Blair allegedly leading Officer Todd Sibley on a wild car chase before finally stopping and using jiu-jitsu on the officer.

The incident happened on March 31 when Officer Sibley began chasing Blair, who was reportedly driving 93 mph on Highway 68 near Taos, N.M., notes KRQE (video below).

A dashcam video (below) inside Officer Sibley's cruiser shows the chase, which ends when Blair finally pulls over on the side of the road.

Officer Sibley tries to arrest Blair, but the two men get into a fight and tumble off screen.

According to the police report, Blair held Officer Sibley's head to the ground and said, “If you want to grapple, I know jiu-jitsu.”

Officer Sibley and Blair walked back to the roadside, but Blair got into his car and drove off, reports

Officer Sibley warned his fellow officers over his radio, “Hey, use caution, he does know jiu-jitsu.”

Eventually, New Mexico State Police did catch Blair, who had outstanding warrants for identity theft, fraud and forgery.

Blair has also been charged with battery of a peace officer, DWI, resisting arrest and several more crimes.

Sources: and KRQE


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