Fleeing Criminal Gets Hit By A Truck After Going On Killing Spree (Video)


A longtime criminal left three people dead this past Friday night in Florida, but thankfully, an incredible twist of fate stopped him from taking more lives.

George Mason III, 42, was arrested after accidentally being struck by a pickup truck while attempting to flee the scene of his latest horrific crimes. According to reports, Mason reportedly snapped earlier in the evening and fatally shot his 81-year-old grandmother, the 37-year-old mother of his children, and his 29-year-old brother. Another 33-year-old victim, Mason’s half brother, survived the shooting after Mason chased him down and shot him, but he is reportedly still in critical condition.

As Mason was fleeing the scene, a pickup truck reportedly didn’t see him in the dark and accidentally ran him over. Mason allegedly broke his legs, back and neck in the accident, and he’s currently at a hospital under heavy guard while he is treated for his injuries.

“He hit a murderer who was on a rampage,” said Brooksville Police Chief George Turner. “That truck driver, he was just a guy driving through the area, but he probably saved lives…He took out the shooter who was obviously hell bent on shooting people.”

Neighbors expressed shock and sadness after finding out that Mason had murdered his family.

“Walked outside and walked down the street and there the lady was, laying dead,” said neighbor Tony Veals. “She's an older lady, always sat on the porch, barely left the house. I can't see anybody shooting her. Wouldn't be a threat to anybody, you know?”

Mason already has a lengthy criminal record, and police say he likely would have killed more people if he weren’t hit by the pickup truck at that exact moment in time.

Sources: Daily Mail, WFLA, AATTP


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