Flaw in Anti-Oil Sands Plan: Americans Aren't Idiots

Mexico, Japan, Sweden, Norway, China, Serbia, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Denmark, France, Philippines, Spain, Austria, South Africa, Ukraine, Isreal, South Korea, Chile, …..(Writers note: I thought I’d make a theoretical list of potential customers for Alberta’s oil sands. While I have every confidence that my American friends are not gullible enough to believe the latest enviroNazi-created anti-Alberta oil sands campaign, from time to time even the best and brightest of Canada’s neighboring nation have been known to get sucked into choosing sizzle over steak and falling for spin (Obama). Surely, Americans can see through a transparent cover story of such a group, namely their claim that shutting down the oil sands [which contribute less than one tenth of one percent of total global greenhouse emissions] is their goal when their true intent is actually the complete end of all global use of fossil fuels in true one-world-government fashion, right?)…….Russia, North Korea, Australia, England, New Zealand, Germany, Fiji, Paraguay, Afghanistan, Georgia, Scotland, Portugal, Italy, Cuba, …..

Oil sands Facts & Statistics: http://www.energy.gov.ab.ca/OilSands/791.asp


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