Flash Mob, 20 to 30 Teens, Robs Washington D.C. Store (Video)


The King Convenience store in Washington D.C. was robbed on Saturday night by a flash mob of 20 to 30 teens.

The mass theft was recorded on the store surveillance cameras (video below).

"It was crazy. Beyond our control. Bunch of kids, more than 20 or 30, grabbed everything. They grabbed everything and then ran away from the store," the owner of the store told My Fox DC.

The owner did not want to be identified because he feared reprisal.

After the teen mob stole candy, soda and other goods, a store employee ran outside to stop some of the teens, but was hit in the leg with a large stick by one of the thieves.

The assailant is described as 180 pounds, black male and 5'8" tall. He was wearing a blue shirt with a Nike emblem, short-sleeve jean jacket or vest. He also wore a white sweatband, jean shorts and sneakers.

“The previous owner, they locked the store and everything was inside,” added the manager. "We believe in community and opened everything up and try to do business, but sometimes it's hard. I have a lot of good customers, and because of them, I will try to keep it the way it is now."

Source: My Fox DC


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