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Flag Burning Anti-NYPD Protesters Saved From Angry Bikers By NYPD

A few dozen members of Disarm the Police—who are anti-NYPD protesters--ended up needing help from the NYPD after they were threatened by bikers for flag-burning.

The group’s members were in Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, New York, burning an American flag on a tiny barbecue grill. Forty members of the Hallowed Sons Motorcycle Club became enraged with their activity and approached the group.

“They took off like little b—hes,” said one biker. “They lit the f–king flag and took off running once they got slapped once or twice.”

The group had announced on social media that they planned to burn the American and Confederate flags in protest of NYPD policies and the Charleston church shooting. They said the flags were both “symbols of oppression,” Inquisitr reports.

Their actions brought out flag-waving counterprotesters, including the bikers.

One biker kicked over the grill the flag was roasting on, while the counterprotesters chanted “USA! USA!”

The bikers began fighting with the anti-NYPD group and they were saved by none other than those they were protesting against, the NYPD. The police shielded the protesters and escorted them out of the park, the New York Post reports.

The protesters will not be charged for burning an item in a public park because they used a closed barbecue grill, which is legal.

Sources: Inquisitr, New York Post

Photo Source: Inquistr


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