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Florida Officials Attempt to Persuade Stag Arms CEO into Relocating

Len Sossamon, the county administrator of Florida’s Hernando County, has sent a love letter (so to speak) to Stag Arms CEO Mark Malkowski. Stag Arms is currently based in Connecticut, but after a series of gun control laws passed through the legislature, Stag Arms might relocate to a more pro-guns state.

Sossamon attempted to woo Malkowski with tantalizing descriptions of Hernando County’s nearby airport and a 2,300-acre county-owned industrial park that is serviced by a railroad. As if that was not already tempting enough, Hernando officials have been distant admirers of Stag Arms for some time now. The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office currently uses firearms manufactured by Stag Arms.

If Sossamon successfully lures Stag Arms to his home county, the locals can look forward to 25 new jobs, which could quadruple once Stag Arms gets settled in.

Sossamon revealed that he was persuaded to write the letter after he found out that PTR Firearms moved to South Carolina and bringing with it 150 jobs with salaries that average about $20 per hour.

Sossamon is not the only local figure tempted by Stag Arms. Gary Schraut, chairman of the Aviation Authority, argued that the local economy will get a major boost from the arrival of such a huge company.

"These are great companies, providing great jobs and providing a great service to the community," he said. "This is more of a legal business than the sale of marijuana in Colorado, and yet some people support that. We have companies on the airport that already make parts for firearms so what a perfect fit."

The people of Hernando County have stiff competition, however. Pro-gun government leaders have been trying to catch the attention of Stag Arms ever since the Sandy Hook tragedy changed the gun control climate in Connecticut. There are plenty of other localities that would be delighted by the arrival of Stag Arms.

Source: Hernandotoday


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