Utah HOA Threatens Fine Over Flag Decal


A Utah woman thinks her Homeowners Association's latest request is a bit unreasonable, as they want to fine her for a decal placed on her mailbox.

Harriet Vallen and her family has lived in the Ranches community of Eagle Mountain, Utah, for approximately eight years. Five years ago, she bought a magnetic decal of the American flag for her mailbox when her son was serving in Afghanistan, according to KSL.

"It was actually after he lost his best friend that I purchased this magnetic flag," Vallen explained. "I ordered it and stuck it on the mail box."

The decal does not obscure her house number, and the original color of the mailbox is still visible.

In April 2015, Vallen received the first of two notices from the HOA about her magnetic flag decal. The letters stated the mailboxes throughout the neighborhood must be brown, and she will be given a $25 fine if she does not remove the decal by April 25.

"I just feel like there's irony here, because it is a flag and it represents freedom, but I'm not allowed to have my little flag," she said.

Vallen has not talked to the HOA about her decal, but she said she has spoken with them about problems in the past regarding other issues. Although a spokeswoman for the organization refused to be interviewed, the HOA stated that they are willing to discuss this matter with Vallen.

On the KSL Facebook page, various residents can attest to problems with this particular Homeowners Association.

"I knew about the HOA before we moved in," wrote Melinda Tanner, Vallen’s neighbor. "However some of the notices we got were beyond reasonable."

"I was in this hoa and had monthly arguments with them," wrote Stephanie Kay.

"I used to live down the street from this family," said Jimmy Change. "The HOA there is out of control."

"I understand that there are covenants in the HOA, but the particular sub division we live in has not had updated ones since 1999," Tanner continued. "I think this is a great start to get some things modified."

Vallen plans on moving to another house within the neighborhood, two blocks away.

"HOA, guess what?" she said, pointing to the magnetic flag. "It's coming with me!"

Sources: KSL, KSL/Facebook / Photo credit: KSL

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