Five-Year-Old Racks up a $2555 iPad Bill


Five-year-old Danny Kitchen innocently ran up a $2555 debt on his parent’s iPad by playing a game that automatically billed his folks, Greg and Sharon. The parents didn’t know any better and gave the young boy a password for the game after he told them that it was a free download.

The next day the Kitchens were bombarded with bills from iTunes itemizing many successive payments of $105. The Kitchens thought that the bills were being sent in error until a call from their credit card company tipped them off about what had really happened, reports Yahoo News.

Mrs Kitchen told the BBC: “We were pretty distracted on Sunday with it being a family day. He'd asked my husband if he could have the passcode for a free download. My husband said no and he (Danny) insisted. He said 'Please, Dad, it's only a free one'. My husband put the iPad close to his chest, put the code in and gave him back the iPad. He continued to play for about 10 or 15 minutes because shortly after that we were due to go out so it wasn't a long period of time he was playing.”

She continued:

“At 6am on Monday I checked my emails and I saw the repetitive emails coming through from iTunes. The first three were £69.99 [$105]. It all looked like it was the same thing, I presumed it was a mistake. It was only when the credit card company called to say were these 19 transactions normal? I said 'No, it's not'.”

Mrs. Kitchen said that Apple has been very helpful about getting the family a refund for the money that Danny mistakenly spent.

When he was asked what he had learned from the entire incident, Danny responded the way one would expect a child to. “Not to do it again,” he said.

Source: (Yahoo News)


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