Five-Year-Old Kaylie Baker-Foster Organizes Vigil for Victims of Dangerous Dog Attacks


Kaylie Baker-Foster is a typical little girl, loves to play dress up, looking forward to Halloween. What is not so typical about Kaylie is that at a tender age, she became a survivor of a vicious dog attack.

Kaylie was visiting her father's house when his 5 year old, 90 lb. pit bull latched onto her face. Kaylie had expressed her fear of her father's dog previously, and it concerned her mother, Kiersten. The father was to keep the dog away from Kaylie but that didn't happen.

This young girl has risen above the attack, she refuses to be a victim and now she is helping other victims of dangerous dog attacks. Recently a young boy, Hunter Kilbourn, a fourth grader in Antioch, CA was mauled by a pit bull.

While Hunter was in the hospital, Kaylie went to visit him. Now Hunter is joining Kaylie in her Candlelight Vigil for the Victims of Dangerous Dogs. Kaylie also recycles cans to donate to her favorite non profit, DogsBite.Org. Kaylie, her Mother and her Grandpa decided to help other victims by a prayer and candlelight vigil. So little is done for the victims of these vicious attacks, Kaylie wants to change that.

This is a personal invitation for you to join Kaylie to light candles in prayers and remembrance of those victims by dangerous dogs, both humane and pets. The event is next Saturday, October 26th on the steps of the Capitol in Sacramento. If you can't attend please send a picture of yourself with a candle and it will be posted.


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