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5-Year-Old Girl Saves Mother, Brother After Car Crash

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A 5-year-old Canadian girl saved the lives of her mother and baby brother after a car crash rendered her mom incapacitated. The girl pulled herself from the wreckage and flagged down a person to help her family.

Angela Shymanski was driving with her two children Lexi, 5, and 4-month-old Peter, in British Columbia on June 8 when she found herself falling ill behind the wheel and driving off a 40-foot embankment into a tree, knocking herself unconscious, Metro News reported.

 When Lexi awoke she found her brother crying and her mother knocked out. She then unfastened the five-point harness on her car seat and opened the smashed passenger door before climbing up the steep embankment, all while barefoot.

“It’s crazy,” Angela told Metro. “I only can remember one or two times where she got out of her five-point harness previously. She somehow got out, adrenaline or whatever, and barefoot hiked up the embankment.”

Once she was on the road, she flagged down a passing car and told the driver what had happened.

The good Samaritan hiked down the embankment and removed Peter from the wreckage. After he was unable to pull the mother to safety, he flagged down another vehicle for help. That second driver turned out to be a paramedic who was able to recognize that the mother should not be moved.

According to her, Angela’s back broke and a fragment of bone lodged itself inside of her spinal column.

“If they would have jostled me a little bit, I might have been completely paralyzed,” she said. “It’s hard to know.”

Emergency medical technicians were soon on the scene and transported the family to a Jasper health care facility. They were later airlifted to a hospital in Edmonton. It was there that doctors discovered that Peter was bleeding from his brain.

Peter was taken into surgery and is recovering now.

Six weeks after the crash, Angela told reporters that she still suffers from pain and must rest in a hospital bed located in the family room. Despite this, her injuries could have been worse if it wasn’t for her daughter’s actions.

“It was only because she came up and flagged people down that anybody would have stopped,” the mother said. “It’s crazy because the guy who came to see us in the hospital, he said the medics and the firemen needed ropes to get up and down that embankment, and she did it barefoot.”

Source: Metro, The Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Metro, Facebook/Angela Shymanski via The Daily Mail


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