Five-Year-Old Becomes Internet Sensation And Gains As Many Instagram Followers As Cameron Diaz


If you don’t know the name Breanna Youn yet, you probably will soon.

Youn is a five-year-old Internet sensation from South Korea who recently gained the same number of followers on Instagram as actress Cameron Diaz, and because of her rise to stardom, designer brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton are showering her with gifts.

Youn’s sudden rise to fame came after Emirates stumbled upon videos of the five-year-old singing and dancing on her Instagram account that’s run by her 27-year-old mother Jocelyn and began reposting them to their own. Quickly, Youn became a sensation in the Middle East, and her Christian parents wound up converting the whole family to Islam.

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Since her rise to fame online, Youn has been showered with gifts from people all over the world, and wealthy fans in the Middle East have even flown her from South Korea to Dubai, put her and her family up in expensive hotels, and treated her like royalty, all because of some Instagram videos and photos.

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“As parents, you are happy that people love your children,” said Jocelyn Youn. “My children are living just like other normal kids. They play a lot, sleep a lot, eat a lot…I am sharing it for them to see when they grow up as memories and also to make people happy. I know what’s best for my kids.”

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“I don't know why people love Breanna so much,” Jocelyn Youn said to The National. “She does not have any special talent that she is good at like dancing and she does not do much on camera. She only does a little drama, a few smiles and poses. She has something inside her that makes people love her and makes them happy. She is just very sweet. Whenever I put her in front of a camera, she is a natural and loves posing.”

Despite all of the five-year-old girl’s success, her father says he does worry about what will happen to her when she gets older.

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