South Carolina Man Arrested After Allegedly Strangling His 5 Children

A South Carolina father charged with murdering his five children may have strangled them to death, according to an Alabama district attorney.

Timothy Jones Jr., 32, was charged with five counts of homicide after the bodies of his children, ages 1 to 8, were discovered in rural Alabama.

On Friday, officials said initial medical examinations suggest the kids were strangled to death, Wilcox County District Attorney Michael Jackson told The State.

The official cause of death will not be determined until further examination.

“I have not seen the autopsy reports,” said prosecutor Donnie Myers. “I’ve heard something about strangulation.”

Investigators believe Jones killed the children about one week before their mother reported them missing to South Carolina authorities on Sept. 3

Jones was arrested during a DUI stop in Mississippi. When questioned about blood and bleach found in his SUV, he allegedly confessed to killing and dumping his children. He reportedly told police where to find the bodies.

Extradited from Mississippi, Jones waived his first court appearance in Lexington, S.C., on Friday. According to a court document filed just before the hearing, Jones wanted to avoid “a public spectacle."

His attorney Aimee Zmroczek requested a mental health exam for her client as soon as possible, the New York Daily News reported.

“He is being portrayed as a monster,” Zmroczek said. “He is just a man, and he is trying to deal with the situation.”

Sources: New York Daily News, The State

Image credit: YouTube


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