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Five Minnesota Teens Charged With Murder After Girl Overdoses On LSD

Five Minnesota teenagers were charged with the murder of 17-year-old Tara Fitzgerald after she died from taking a synthetic form of LSD.

Alexander Claussen and Cole Matenaer, both 19, along with three 17-year-olds, were charged with third-degree murder. The younger teens will probably be charged as adults.

"When an illegal drug enters our community - those who create it, sell it or give it away - are responsible for what happens with that drug," county attorney Pete Orput said.

The charges were made when Woodbury police traced the drug line after Fitzgerald died from a fatal overdose of the 25i-NBOMe strain of LSD. Claussen was accused of being the supplier since police found 305 doses of the drug in his home, which he allegedely sold for $10 a piece.

Woodbury police chief Lee Vague said that he stands behind the decision to charge the teenagers, stating that they are smart kids who made poor decisions. 

"If you make a choice and that choice results in the death of a young girl," Vague said, "you're going to be held accountable for that."

Fitzgerald's principal described her as an excellent student and a valued member of the school community. 

Sources: NY Daily News, DailyMail


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