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Five-Hour Texas SWAT Standoff Ends When They Realize Nobody’s Home (Video)

A five-hour SWAT standoff was called off Friday after officers in San Marcos, Texas, realized nobody was inside the building they had surrounded.

Homeowners called police when they suspected someone had broken into their home after they “heard people inside the residence,” according to Hays County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Phillip Taylor.

“Our deputies responded, attempted to make contact,” Taylor says in the video. “We weren’t able to communicate with the person or the people inside. They set [up] a perimeter on the residence. Again, continued to try to communicate with them and at that time, due to the circumstances, it was determined that we needed to call SWAT and negotiations out for a barricaded subject.”

Crisis negotiators used close-circuit telephones, a loudspeaker and a remote-controlled robot, but were unsuccessful in making contact.

A SWAT team entered the home at 7:30 p.m. and found no one inside.

It is unclear whether anythin had been taken or if suspects had escaped before police arrived.

Sources: San Marcos Mercury, TheBlaze


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