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Five Guys Manager Accidentally Includes Customer in Email, Calls Him A 'Douche'

A Five Guys district manager in Massachusetts made the ultimate mistake over the weekend when he accidentally included a customer in his email to a co-worker, calling the customer a “douche.”

The customer, John, said he originally wrote an email to the franchise complaining about missing fries in a coworker’s meal. In response, the district manager offered to refund the coworker’s credit card and send him a gift card.

When John complained that the gift card wouldn’t work online, the district manager became irritated and emailed an officemate to vent.

“This guy is a perfect example of why this world is f***ed,” the email read. “I’m speechless over this douche…F*** him and his tool office mates.”

When John accidentally received the email, he took to Twitter to rant about his experience. Immediately, a woman from Five Guys corporate responded with an appeal.

“I believe in second chances (sometimes),” John said, “and so far with the Five Guys response, I think they are close to earning that second chance.”

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Sources: DailyMail,The Consumerist


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