Five Found Dead, One Injured, In Oklahoma Home; Two Teens Arrested

It was a silent 911 call that led authorities to an Oklahoma home where they discovered five people stabbed to death, police in the town of Broken Arrow said today.

Broken Arrow Police Sgt. Thomas Cooper said officers responded to the Tulsa-area home after emergency operators received an “open 911 call” in which no one spoke but the line remained open, reports The Associated Press. Authorities traced the call to the home near the Indian Springs Country Club where officers discovered the bodies.

"It was a pretty gruesome scene and unprecedented in terms of the types of crimes we get in Broken Arrow,” Cooper said, according to NBC News. 

Patricia Statham, who has lived in the neighborhood for 38 years, told AP that investigators were visibly shaken. 

"It certainly is shocking. I'm shocked," she said. "I feel so bad for everyone who walks into that house. You can see it in the faces of the officers when they come out."

All five victims are believed to be members of the family that lived in the home. A wounded 13-year-old girl and an unharmed toddler were also reportedly found in the home.

Cooper said police arrested two teenage male relatives — ages 16 and 18 — after a police dog tracked them from the home to a nearby wooded area.

“It appears that the two suspects fled out the door sometime during our arrival,” he said. “We had a K-9 track and they were apprehended.”

Statham said the neighborhood of reportedly well-kept homes rarely sees any crime.

“Usually the worst thing we have here is kids with baseball bats destroying mailboxes,” she said. 

Another neighbor, Helen Hoagland, suggested the family members mostly kept to themselves. She said she would occasionally see the mother walking in the neighborhood with several children.

Hoagland said she thought the kids were home-schooled. She told AP the children used to help decorate the neighborhood’s entrance each Christmas, but they stopped doing that years ago. 

Police said nine people were linked to, or lived in, the home including the teens who are in custody. The five dead include adults and children. Cooper said the injured 13-year-old girl, in critical condition with stab wounds, was taken to a nearby hospital.

Cooper told AP that the Broken Arrow police have asked the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for assistance.

Sources: Yahoo News (AP), NBC News

Photo credit: Screenshot via NBC News, Erin Winking/KJRH


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