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Five Detained For Squatting In N.J. House Belonging To Deployed Soldier

Five men have been arrested in Englewood, New Jersey, after they were reportedly discovered squatting in a house belonging to a member of the military who was out on deployment.

Police made the discovery on Nov. 12 while arresting Carlos Rosales-Campos, 18, on armed robbery charges, reported. Rosales-Campos was squatting on the first floor of the property, while the other four were living on the third floor.

The 18-year-old, who is from El Salvador and living in the U.S. illegally, has been linked to seven break-ins and thefts in the local area, including an Aug. 27 theft at the Jackson Hall diner where he threatened the manager with a firearm. No shots were fired in the incident, but Rosales-Campos made off with around $1,000.

Rosales-Campos was charged with armed robbery, several counts of burglary, illegal arms possession, theft, holding fraudulent ID and criminal trespass. He is being held on a bond of $500,000.

Three of the other four men detained are also in the country illegally. Rosalio Valencia-Hernandez, 49, Rene Contreras-Ixtla, 39, and Eravisto Chavez, 34, were all detained on a charge of criminal trespassing.

Oswaldo Meneses-Arango, 47, a Colombian national who is residing in the U.S. legally, was also charged with criminal trespassing.

All four are being held on bonds of $2,500.

All of the men arrested are homeless except for Chavez.

Police described the condition of the house as “deplorable," according to

Urine, feces and evidence of partying were found in the house. Police discovered empty beer bottles, clothing and plastic gloves in the yard. A glass panel in the back door had been smashed, and doors leading to the basement were left flung open.

When they searched the home, officers found many items linking Rosales-Campos to the various burglaries. They were returned to the appropriate owners.

The house reportedly belongs to a 59-year-old female soldier and her husband, who have been living in another state for an undetermined period of time. The soldier was deployed at the time of the incident, according to

James Myers, the woman’s husband, confirmed to by telephone that the couple were trying to sell the home, and he declined to comment on the incident.

Sources:, / Photo credit: Englewood Police Department via

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