College Student Makes Surprising Find In Her Suitcase


Last Friday, a 21-year-old college student arrived in her Manhattan apartment, unzipped her suitcase, and found ten pounds of cocaine staring her in the face. This equates to $150,000 worth of the drug, the New York Post reports.

The baffled FIT student had just arrived back in the country after spending some time in Trinidad and Tobago, a small island nation in the Caribbean, only to find a small fortune's worth of the illegal drug in her bag.

The woman, who claims to have no idea how the drugs ended up in her luggage, called police immediately after making the eye-popping discovery.

“She said she had no idea how it got there,” a police source told the New York Post. Authorities think that there is a strong possibility that this was a botched drug smuggling attempt, during which the drugs were implanted in the wrong bag.

“If her story is true, that’s the most likely scenario... There’s no question about it,” the source said.

It is also a possibility that the drugs were planted in the student's bag at random, in the hope that the person looking for the luggage would find it before the student and make off with the drugs.

“Smugglers play the odds," a Port Authority source stated. "It has been done before to travelers especially in countries where there’s heavy narco-trafficking."

While no charges have been filed and no arrests have been made at this time, the police have not ruled out the possibility that the girl was actively involved in the plot at some point in time.

“Maybe she was involved and got cold feet and wanted to get ahead of the story by calling police,” a law-enforcement source said.

While it remains uncertain how the drugs ended up in the fashion student's bag, police are likely relieved to have ten pounds of the Schedule II drug off the street.


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