Fishermen Find 7-Foot Squid In Hawaii


Fishermen off the coast of Hawaii had just released a blue marlin when they saw a 7-foot-long squid floating in the water.

“It was obviously dead; it was just floating on the surface lifeless,” Cyrus Widhalm, who caught the squid, told KHON. “It had clearly been attacked by something, because there was a bite mark in the head and several of the tentacles were missing.”

The fishermen said the squid weighed 52.7 pounds. It is now headed to a marine biologist’s lab in Washington, where it will be examined.

Though the find hasn’t been confirmed, the fishermen believe their catch might be a giant squid.

LiveScience reported that giant squids can reach a length of 40 feet, though that length is uncommon.

Sources: KHON, LiveScience / Photo credit: Keller Laros via KHON


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