Fishermen Caught On Camera Forcing Fish To Smoke A Cigarette


A group of fishermen are being criticized online after they posted a video of a fish being forced to smoke a cigarette.

The men can be heard cackling as the fish gasps for water and appears to puff on the cigarette. After someone posted the video online viewers have accused the group of animal cruelty.

“I am a fisherman myself but the disrespect here towards mother nature is just sad,” wrote one LiveLeak viewer.

“Yeah, there is really no reason to feature it… it serves no purpose. Okay if it was something unlikely or newsworthy-ish, but this is just documentation of animal cruelty,” wrote another.

Others said it’s “just a fish” and made clever puns.

“Oh the you realize how many insects you kill everyday just by walking and not realize it? Don't be stupid it's just a dumb ass fish,” said one user.

“So that's where smoked salmon comes from...” wrote another.

Sources: Daily Mail, LiveLeak

Image screenshot: LiveLeak


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