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Fishermen Discover 'Alien' Object In Ocean (Photos)

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Fishermen in Australia spotted an alienlike creature floating in the ocean, only to discover it was actually a bloated dead whale.

Mark Watkins was fishing with his father near Bunbury, just south of Perth, when the pair came upon what looked like another boat or hot air balloon, the Daily Mail reports. 

When the pair got closer, the thing in the water looked almost like an alien, with long, scaly ridges spanning the entire length of its circular exterior. 

But upon closer inspection the Watkins discovered the object was actually an inflated whale carcass. 

"It's stomach was full of gas so it was all bloated up," Watkins said.  "When we got closer we realized it had to be a dead whale because of the smell." 

Images taken by Watkins show the whale at bursting point. 

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Watkins also claims that there was a 13-foot pointer shark around his boat that day, and that the whale had chunks of skin bitten out, reports the New Zealand Herald. It's thought the whale was killed by sharks and then its stomach bloated in the ocean. 

Sources: Daily Mail, New Zealand Herald / Photo credit: Corey Donohoe/Facebook via Daily Mail

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