Fisherman Spots Something Unexpected While Fishing On River, Reacts Swiftly (Photo)


Two Alabama men set out to go fishing but came back with a pair of wet kittens in an unbelievable video (below).

Jason Frost and Brandon Key were on the Warrior River Saturday morning, when they saw something in the water. It took a minute for them to register that they were looking at a kitten swimming towards them.

In the video, an orange tabby kitten, probably a few months old, swims to their boat. Frost grabs it by the scruff of its neck and sets it down in the boat. The kitten shakes off the excess water and meows at them.

"Never in my life have I seen anything like that," Frost says.

Another surprise is on its way for Frost: moments later, the pair sees another kitten jump into the water and swim towards them.

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When Frost lifts the second kitten aboard, it immediately becomes clear that the two are related, as they look exactly alike. The two cats were happy to see each other again.

Well there's a first time for everything, isn't there?" Frost says.
Frost told that he, Key, and the two kittens were the talk of the town that day.

"People were looking at us out on the water like, 'Oh my God, these people got cats with them,'" he said.

When they pulled into shore, they met a family with two little girls, each of whom wanted a kitten, so they handed the two friendly kittens over to the ecstatic girls.

Frost is still not sure where the kittens came from, but he said that it is highly unlikely that they simply got loose. Since there are no homes near where they were fishing, he suspects that somebody dumped them there.

Frost uploaded the video to Facebook midday on Saturday, when he returned home. As of Monday, it has more than 534,000 views.

He was delighted to be able to share it.

"Everybody always has a crazy fishing story, and that's all it is, is a story," he said. "If I wouldn't have had this on video, everybody would have thought I was crazy."

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Photo Credit: Screenshot/Youtube


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