A fisherman was surprised to find that a fish he caught had swallowed a half-eaten sausage still in its packaging.

Liam Markson, 20, says that he was out fishing with his friends over the weekend when they spotted a large fish that was exhibiting strange behaviors.

"We saw this really big pike but for some reason it just didn't want to bite onto the hook,” Markson recounted. “Normally pikes are quiet aggressive but this one was acting strange.”

The fisherman says that when they spotted the same fish again hours later, they decided that they would investigate. Upon reeling in the fish, they discovered that it was cylindrically shaped.

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“The shape of the fish was strange,” Markson said. “It looked a bit like a cylinder and one of my friends said for a laugh, 'there's a sausage in there,' but it turned out it was right.”

When the friends cut the fish open, they were amazed to see a half-eaten sausage, still wrapped in plastic, inside of its belly.

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"I just couldn't believe my eyes. Inside the pike was a half-eaten sausage still in the plastic wrapper,” Makson added. “Somebody must have thrown it away and the fish must have been very hungry. The expiry date was for December 1st this year so it can't have been inside the fish for very long. It smelled a bit bad as it had been inside a fish's stomach so we threw it away. I've been fishing there all my life and my family has been going there since 1986 and never seen anything like it.”

Markson made it clear that he and his friends decided not to eat the sausage.

Sources: The Local, Plastic Free Tuesday


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