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Fisherman Alfred Mead Gets Week In Jail For Cheating In Tournament

After getting a week in jail for cheating at a fishing tournament, a Minnesota fisherman probably wishes he could throw the judge’s ruling back. Alfred Mead, 72, pleaded guilty to a felony charge of theft by swindle for bringing two previously captured fish into the Park Rapid American Legion Community Fishing Derby. Mead has two prior gaming convictions and he has been suspected of cheating for years after a long history of suspicious tournament wins.

“Your conduct had a major impact on these things [fishing tournaments],” Judge Robert Tiffany told him. “I hope you realize the seriousness of your conduct. [Cheating] takes the enjoyment and joy out of it for those who bring their kids [and honest participants].”

Mead was sentenced to report to the Hubbard County jail in one week. After he gets out, he will be on probation and will be barred from the Legion Club for four years. He was also fined $200, ordered to pay a $75 public defender co-payment and had his fishing and hunting privileges revoked for two years, Fox News reported.

In addition to his punishments, Prosecutor Erika Randall asked that he apologize to the Legion and also assured them that Mead would not be getting his licenses back anytime soon.

“If he applies for a hunting or fishing license, Probation is notified,” she told the Legion representatives.

“I like what the judge said at the end about ruining a family outing,” said Legion manager Jerry Benham.

The two fish that Mead admitted to smuggling into the tournament were northern pike that he caught at another lake.

Sources: Fox News, Park Rapids Enterprise


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