Fish Tank Bursts At Downtown Disney Restaurant (Video)


A fish tank broke open at a Downtown Disney restaurant in Orlando, Florida this week, and the videos patrons were able to capture during the ordeal quickly went viral as the story broke on social media.

Customers were casually enjoying their meals at the T-Rex Café when the fish tank located right beside a group of tables suddenly burst, causing what many witnesses could only describe as “chaos.”

"There was a lot of commotion," said 28-year-old Kate Wallace, who was seated just 20 feet away from the tank when it broke. "The whole section just sort of went crazy.”

"Was just at T-Rex in Downtown Disney just now and the glass to a giant fish tank just cracked and water started pouring out," said Michael Pappas on Facebook. "Then about four waiters climbed in and started scooping up the fish. It was chaos. Everyone in our section had to leave."

Employees at the restaurant quickly sprang into action and collected all the fish with a net while trying to remove the water from the restaurant. Wallace says every person working at the café during the ordeal did a great job taking control of the situation.

"The staff, they were doing the best job that they could," said Wallace to the Orlando Sentinel. "It was craziness. Just kind of people freaking out. It's not something that you see very often. How do you respond to that?"

Having dinner at TRex Cafe in Downtown Disney when - all of a sudden - a fish tank burst open!

— Kate (@kjwallace7) March 17, 2014

Landry’s, the company that owns the T-Rex Café, said in a statement that the break in the tank was caused by a faulty seal and that they are proud of the way the employees handled everything.

"A seal failed on the tank causing water to leak,” said a Landry’s spokesperson in a statement. “Employees took action and did a great job rescuing all of the marine life, caring for our guests and managing the situation. The marine life has been moved to holding tanks and the restaurant is open for business as usual.'' 

The dinosaur themed restaurant is popular among tourists visiting Disney and features electronic dinosaurs as well as dinosaur-inspired menu items.


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