First Wave Of Airstrikes Against Islamist Militants Launched In Syria (Photos/Videos)


The United States military and its Arab allies began airstrikes on Islamic State targets in Syria on Tuesday.

The first round of U.S.-led strikes lasted for 90 minutes across the terror group’s de facto capital of Raqqa, the Daily Mail reports.

Among the targets which reports from social media claimed had been hit were the house of the Raqqa governor, the national hospital and the Equestrian Club.

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The opposition group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that at least 20 locations in and around Raqqa were hit, CNN reports.

While there was no immediate word on casualties, power went out in the city shortly after the strikes but was restored later Tuesday morning, Syrian opposition activists said.

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“I can tell you that last night's strikes were only the beginning,” Rear Admiral John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman, said, adding that the strikes had been “very successful” and would continue, without discussing future operational plans.

The airstrikes launched U.S. Tomahawk missiles, B1 bombers, F16, F18 and F22 strike fighters and drones.

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"The decision to conduct theses strikes was made earlier today by the U.S. Central Command commander under authorization granted him by the commander in chief," Kirby said, according to

According to CNN, Central Command on Monday also released videos of airstrikes in Syria:

Just released: VIDEO of airstrike on target in Syria: from @CENTCOM

— Josh Levs (@JoshLevs) September 23, 2014

A coalition of nations — including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates — has agreed to lend a hand with destroying Islamic State.

There was also a unilateral U.S. attack on different Islamist militants in Syria known as the Khorasan Group, an Al Qaeda-affiliated group, who are believed to have been planning an “imminent attack” on Western targets.

Lieutenant General William Mayville Jr., said that Arab nations took part in the second and third waves of attacks, ranging from combat air patrols to strikes on targets.

U.S. President Barack Obama said earlier that the participation of the five Arab nations “makes it clear to the world this is not America's fight alone.”

Speaking at a press conference after the overnight raids, President Obama said he doesn’t know how long U.S.-led operations against Islamic State fighters in Syria and Iraq will last, but remains vital to the security of the United States, the Middle East and the rest of the world.

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