Cop Caught On Video Soliciting Prostitute


A Florida cop was caught on video trying to solicit a prostitute, who turned out to be an undercover cop.

Vintyre Finney, 32, was a Boynton Beach police officer who tried to pay for the services of a prostitute while off-duty. But the woman Finney thought was a prostitute was actually an undercover cop working for the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office who was doing a sting operation with video cameras recording every second.

The video shows Finney pulling up to a woman in his car, and the two are heard discussing sex.

"Whatcha looking for tonight?" the woman posing as a prostitute asked as she stood at Finney's car window on the night of October 17, reported the Sun-Sentinel.

Finney responded: "If I know you had all that thickness, I would've said what's between the legs but you got a good head on your shoulders and I can deal with that too."

"Looking to have some fun then?" the woman said and then asked if Finney had cash on him.

Finney and the woman appeared to agree that she would perform oral sex for $20 and then she told him to pull into an apartment complex down the road.

Finney was charged with a misdemeanor count of soliciting a prostitute. After an investigation, the Boynton Beach Police Department fired him.

"The decision to terminate someone's employment is difficult for all involved but when it becomes apparent that an employee is either unwilling or incapable of maintaining agency standards, it's a decision that must be made," Acting Chief Kelly Harris said in an emailed statement, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Harris added: "The community counts on us to manage the police department in a way that reflects our principles of civility, accountability and pride. We are committed to continuing to turn this agency around and rebuilding the community's trust."

Finney refused to make a statement but Boynton Beach City Manager Lori LaVerriere wrote in the letter that the evidence clearly showed misconduct.

"Since neither you nor your attorney presented your version of events to me, nor did you provide me with other information which would constitute a defense or mitigation, or would refute or explain the facts which gave rise to the charges or the reasons for the action, I am left with only the information … to consider," LaVerriere wrote in the letter. "The video evidence in this matter is clear that you violated the city rules as alleged." 

Finney still has to face trial for the crime. He has plead not guilty.

Sources: Sun-Sentinel, WSVN/ Photo Credit: Boynton Beach Police Department via Sun-Sentinel

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