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Officers Help Immigrant Couple Replace American Flag (Photos)

Officers Help Immigrant Couple Replace American Flag (Photos) Promo Image

An elderly couple from Michigan received some help from their local police officers after their prized American flag became worn by the weather.

According to WNDU, Tom and Mira Spirov immigrated to the U.S. from the former Yugoslavia in the 1960s and have considered themselves proud Americans since.

"Nothing but wonderful feelings in our hearts, nothing but wonderful feelings," Tom said.

The couple had an American flag waving in their front yard for years, but when the flag became beaten by the weather, they needed some help.

Tom, 79, is currently battling bone cancer after fighting prostate cancer. He was told eight years ago that he only had two months to live.

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"Never has she given up on me," Tom said of Mira, calling her his guardian angel.

When the couple's flag became too worn, they wanted to replace it but had to enlist help from the local police.

"They came to our station and asked if we would be able to replace their flag for them so today a bunch of us came down from the department, took down the old flag and put up a new one," said Officer Brent Kotecki of the St. Joseph Department of Public Safety. "It's the right thing to do and this lovely couple, they've been in our community for a very long time and we're just looking to give back to our community."

Having their new flag up in their yard meant a lot to the couple.

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"Oh it means the world," Tom said. "Someone says it's a piece of cloth. Of course, so are the underwear a piece of cloth, but this piece of cloth has history and symbol for the people it represents."

Kotecki said replacing the flag was the least that he and his fellow officers could do for the couple.

"They're always very warm and welcoming, they always invite us into their house, offer us drinks and food and whatnot," Kotecki said. "It's not always just taking bad people to jail. We're here for our community in a way that we can help and we feel a need that we can help them out."

"We cannot just say thanks enough," Tom said.

According to The Herald-Palladium, the couple has been married for 59 years. They met while living under a totalitarian government and "escaped legally" to the former West Germany. A year later, when given the choice to go to the U.S. or Australia, they chose the U.S. They became U.S. citizens in 1972.

Sources: WNDU, The Herald-Palladium / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: The Herald-Palladium

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