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First Responders Finish Snow Shovel Job In Honor Of Man Who Suddenly Died Mid-Shovel

First responders in Manchester, Connecticut, were unable to save a man who collapsed while shoveling snow from his roof early Thursday, so in his honor, the emergency workers returned to the home to finish the job that he started.

Reports say that members of the Manchester Fire-Rescue-EMS team returned to the home of 57-year-old Miroslaw Dabrowski, a father of three, to finish shoveling snow from his roof after he suddenly had a heart attack and died early Thursday. Dabrowski reportedly called a relative to come help him shovel snow from his roof, but before the relative arrived, he suffered a heart attack and collapsed.

When the relative arrived, he immediately called 911, but by the time first responders got there and used a ladder to reach Dabrowski, it was too late.

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“Quite often a situation like this leaves first responders frustrated and feeling somewhat helpless,” Manchester Fire Chief David Billings told the NY Daily News. “They felt going back and finishing the job would at least have a positive outcome for the family. They just wanted to do something for the family so when they got home they wouldn't have to worry about the integrity of the house.”

Teresa Dabrowski, Miroslaw’s wife, told The Hartford Courant that they were “touched” to see the first responders return later to finish the shoveling.

“He would be very appreciative that someone was looking out for his family,” Teresa said. “We are all grateful to them.”

Sources: NY Daily News, The Hartford Courant / Photo Source: The Hartford Courant


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