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First Responder Confesses To Stealing Money From Two Teenagers Killed In Car Crash

A Minnesota first responder has been charged with theft after confessing to stealing money from two teens who died in a car accident.

Zachary Kvalvog, 18, and Connor Kvalvog, 14, were on their way to a basketball camp in June when they were involved in a fatal car crash, WDAY reported.

Their father, Ray Kvalvog, noticed that his boys both had money missing from their wallets. He told the news station he had given them money before the accident.

Ray filed a report and an investigation was launched. EMS responder Tara Lindquist, 42, eventually confessed to taking the money.

"Sadness that someone was violating my boys when they were deceased,” Ray said. “That is just sad because we have had so much community support. People have been so nice."

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“And it doesn’t anger me at all,” said Kathie Kvalvog, the boys’ mother. “It bothers me that they were there to help my children. So did they? I don’t know. Could they have done something else other than worrying about how much money was in their wallets? And I guess we need to say this cannot happen. I don’t know if they could have done more. I don’t know.”

Lindquist said she needed the money to pay her power bill. It is unknown exactly how much money she took, but police say it was at least $200.

"All they had to do was ask us if they wanted the money,” Kathy said. “We would have given them some. It just, to take it like that from our children, not so good."

“We have had enough tragedy,” added Ray. “It is like anyone who has anything stolen, you get angry and violated. You take that times a thousand degrees. I mean, it is just, and there is enough pain and disappointment because people have been so supportive."

Sources: WDAY, Fox 59 / Photo credit: WDAY


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