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Police Find Liquid Meth In Beer Bottles

Police around Atlanta, Georgia, are keeping their wits about them as drug smugglers and producers have gotten more creative about transporting their wares. “It’s all up to the ingenuity of the creator and how they want to get their drugs from point A to point B,”  Georgia State Patrol Sgt. Charles Chapeau told WSBTV.

Authorities recently found that two tour buses were being used to smuggle methamphetamine, cash and heroin from Mexico -- unbeknownst to most of the passengers.  Some of the liquid methamphetamine was hidden in Corona beer bottles and on one bus, the drugs were hidden in suspension bars behind the wheel's brake drums. On another bus, they found drugs hidden in a secret compartment under the center aisle.  “It held [33 to 45 pounds],” Chapeau recalled.

In Atlanta, drugs are a constant war for police.  Last year, the Georgia State Patrol seized more than $36 million in assets.

"It’s an ongoing battle. As they get creative, it's just a matter of keeping up," Chapeau said.

Although putting liquid meth in beer bottles is arguably inspired, it has been done before. In 2011, then 23-year-old John Derrick Phelps was caught by Texas border patrol agents allegedly attempting to cross into the U.S. from Mexico with a 12-pack of Corona that actually contained liquid methamphetamine, the Houston Press reported.

In total, authorities recovered about 3.75 gallons of liquid meth, which was worth $737,000, KGBT reported. In that instance, police believe Phelps was planning on taking a bus to Houston with the help of William Leon Holley.

Sources: WSBTV, Houston Press, KGBT / Photo credit: Reinis Traidas/Flickr

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