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Cops Were Surprised When They Found This In A Gift Box

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Alabama authorities arrested a man for allegedly transporting 2 pounds of cannabis disguised as an "anniversary gift" for his mother.

When the police pulled over a car on March 19 for a traffic violation on Interstate 20, the vehicle smelled like burning marijuana and had the plant’s residue inside. In the back seat of the car, officers spotted a box, sealed with a bow, secretly containing marijuana, reports United Press International.

Walter Lamar Witherspoon, 43, of Birmingham, was charged with first-degree possession of cannabis, according to

The photo of the box was shared on the City of Heflin Police Department's Facebook page with a caption by Chief A.J. Benefield that reads:

"Just a few hours ago, Heflin PD's K-9 Officer Turner stopped a vehicle for multiple violations. The car smelled of burned marijuana. A Probable Cause Search was conducted, and Officers located marijuana residue all throughout the vehicle. Officers also Located a package containing approximately 2lbs. of hydro Marijuana. The suspects are now in jail and off our Streets.”

The March 20 post has garnered more than 380 likes and 47 comments in four days.

The top comment by Hayden Lee says: “Anyone else find it funny that the box has a bow on it? It’s almost like it’s a present for Heflin P.D.”

Sources: UPI, City of Heflin Police Department/Facebook, / Photo credit: City of Heflin Police Department/Facebook

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