First Person: Tracci King Sets Record Straight on Movie Set Shooting

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(Editor's note: Last week a young Ohio man named Tracci King was shot in the leg with a real gun after wrapping production of a movie that featured fake guns. There was initially some confusion over who owned the gun and how it ended up on the set. In an email to Opposing Views, King sets the record straight. Read our report here.)

By Tracci King

I was not the owner of the gun, I did not set the gun on the table, I do not have a CCW (carrying concealed weapon) license. The owner of the house we were shooting the film at was the licensed gun owner who sat his gun on an end table.

The table, nor the room had any prop guns... We had just finished filming when the incident occurred. There was still filming equipment in the room, for example the camera was still on the tripod.

However, all the prop weaponry was put in our prop box and put in another room entirely for the purpose of avoiding confusion. When the owner of the real gun set it down, it was the only gun in the room period.

No real guns were used during production. Every firearm on camera is an Airsoft prop. We also had an NRA certified CCW instructor on premises to ensure gun safety throughout production. The incident happened after we had ended production for the day and as I said, all the prop weaponry was put away.

The only thing I have to do with the incident is that I sat down in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The working title of the film King was shooting is "The Good Half: Episode 1," with plans to make it a web series. Learn more at:


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