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Thousands Of Red Skittles Found Spilled Over Road (Photo)

Residents of a rural county in Wisconsin were surprised and confused to find hundreds of thousands of red Skittles scattered over the road.

"There's no little 'S' on them, but you can definitely smell, it's a distinct Skittles smell," Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt told WISN.

It turns out that the Skittles were being transported in the back of a flatbed pickup truck on the night of Jan. 17 when they fell out onto the road. It had been raining that evening, and eventually the box became wet and broke open.

Later it was determined that the candy was set to be delivered to a farm and used to feed cattle. Many found it hard to imagine cows eating Skittles, but CNN reports that the practice has become popular in recent years.

"[It] is a very good way for producers to reduce feed cost, and to provide less expensive food for consumers," livestock nutritionist Ki Fanning told CNN Money in 2012.

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A former farmer told WBAY that farmers will often purchase batches of candy that don't pass quality control because the candy provides a source of "cheap carbs."

Police were able to joke about the mishap on social media.

"While we don't know who did this, it is certainly clear that it may be difficult to 'Taste the Rainbow' in its entirety with one color that likely fell off the truck!" the sheriff's department wrote on Facebook, according to WBAY.

Sources: WISN, CNN, WBAY / Photo credit: Dodge County Sheriff's Office via CNN, WITI

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