Anonymous Diners Leave Racist Message On Receipt (Photos)

Diners at an Italian eatery left a note to the owner on their receipt saying they will not return because he is a Mexican. 

Owner Fernando Franco received the note on Feb. 3 at his restaurant, Di Frabo, which is located in an affluent neighborhood of San Antonio, Texas, the Daily Mail reports.

A former resident of Mexico City, Franco said the note, signed with the saying "America First," marked the first time he felt singled out by members of the San Antonio community.

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The message on the note reads: "The food was tasty and the service was attentive. However, the owner is 'Mexican.' We will not return. 'America first.'" 

President Donald Trump began using the term "America First" during his 2015 campaign and made it popular among his followers. 

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Franco has been living and working in the United States since 2012 and said he does not know the customers or how they found out he was the owner, according to WOAI. 

While the customers were at the restaurant, Franco was dining with his wife and spoke in Spanish to the restaurant's manager. He believes this might have led to the racist remark on the note. 

The receipt has since gone viral on social media and received multiple comments of kind words and support for Franco.

According to KENS, he said: "It's a feeling that you hear this every day in the news and you see what's going on.

"So at the end you start feeling that it's affecting the people."

He is on the path to obtaining citizenship and will frame the note to remind him of the evolving nature of the politics of the American people. 

Franco stated he would have no problem welcoming back the customers who left the note at his San Antonio restaurant.

In a survey that took place two weeks after Trump was elected president, the Southern Poverty Law Center tallied more than 700 reported incidents of racism and hate, Vibe reports.

In late November 2016, the civil rights advocacy group found that most attacks were leveled at Muslims, African-Americans, women and members of the LGBT community. 

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