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Man Loses Wife, Daughter And Sister In Matter Of Days

A Massachusetts man is dealing with extreme heartache after losing his wife, child and sister within a matter of days.

Domingos Fraga's wife, Liz, who was carrying their firstborn child, died May 6 after an emergency C-section, according to She was 26. The couple had been married for five months.

"[I go] from being mad, to being numb, to just bawling every night knowing she's not there," Fraga said.

Fraga's newborn baby, Juliet, died just five days after she was born. She had taken in too much blood during the birth, WCVB reports.

"I got to hold her," Fraga said of his daughter. "I read to her every night. They were meant to be together. She loved that baby."

Things got even worse when, at the wake for his wife and daughter, Fraga learned that his sister Melinda had died of cervical cancer. She was 42.

A few days later, Fraga's 91-year-old grandmother suffered a stroke.

Fraga's mother, Maria, lamented the tragic circumstances.

"All my family is being taken away," she said, according to WCVB. "It's not fair."

Tiago Pereira, Fraga's longtime friend, set up a GoFundMe page for the widower, reports WCVB.

"You're already going through the whole emotional burden, and on top of it a financial one, I couldn't see my best friend going through that," he said.

"He would never ask for money, and be more inclined to give you money rather than take any," the GoFundMe page says. "But he's not asking, we are. He's already emotionally drowning with all this bad news and the last thing we would want for him is to drown in debt."

Fraga thanked his supporters in the comments section.

"I cannot express in words the amazing support which you have all given me," he wrote, adding that this has been "the most strenuous" time of his life.

The GoFundMe page, called "Domingos Fraga Helping Hand Fund," has raised more than $50,000.

Sources: WCVB, / Photo credit: GoFundMe via

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