First Man To Buy Legal Pot In Spokane Fired By Employer Who Saw Him On News


Although legalization in Colorado and Washington has begun changing the stigma surrounding the use of marijuana in a recreational manner, one man’s employer still took issue with him taking the day off work to make a legal purchase of the drug. 

Spokane, Washington resident and security guard Mike Boyer waited 20 hours in line after camping overnight to become the first person to buy legal marijuana in his city after the first dispensary opened up. He successfully made a purchase around 2 p.m. on Tuesday from the store, called Spokane Green Leaf. 

Boyer was featured in a local KXLY newscast as he waited for the store to open, eventually being captured on camera yelling things like “Go Washington!” and “first customer!” as he legally obtained four grams of marijuana. 

Although Boyer had taken the day off of work, one of the security guard’s clients had seen the newscast and notified his employer about Boyer’s purchase. The employer, Kodiak Security, requested that Boyer take a drug test within the following 24 hours, which came back positive. Boyer was subsequently fired. 

“I don’t regret it. I’m sad it happened but I got the title: I’m No. 1. I regret nothing,” Boyer said, according to the New York Daily News. 

According to the Spokesman-Review, Boyer already had a medical marijuana card and had been taking the drug as a form of medication. Still, that was not enough to allow him to pass the drug test. 

Kodiak human resources manager Kym Ramey explained that the company takes its drug policy seriously.

“We’re a security firm. Our employees can’t be under the influence on the job,” Ramey said.

Although Boyer maintains he never smoked on the job in his 12 years on and off working there, he is remaining optimistic about his future with a new employer after losing his job at Kodiak.

Sources: New York Daily News, Spokesman-Review


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