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Neighbor Rapes Woman In Front Of Her Children

A Houston man forced his way into his neighbor's apartment and sexually assaulted her, making her two children watch.

Bryce Scott, 42, entered the woman's apartment at 4 a.m., March 2, according to the Daily Mail. He forced the victim, who remains unnamed for privacy reasons, to undress in front of her 6-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter. He then made the children watch as he sexually assaulted their mother.

According to WLS, the victim is an Iranian immigrant who recently moved into the apartment complex. During the assault, the mother was able to sneak her cell phone to her daughter, telling her in Arabic to call the police. The 12-year-old immediately dialed 911 and informed dispatchers of the situation.

When police arrived on scene, the man allegedly fled the apartment completely naked.

"He heard the commotion at the door and ran out the back door without any clothes on," Sgt. Reginald Porter told KPRC. 

Authorities tracked him down hours later and captured him. He was found hiding under a nearby truck, still nude.

Scott lives in the complex and is a father of two. He lives with his children and his mother in the unit above the victim's.

"He was naked when they caught him, and it's crazy because I have daughters," neighbor Brandon Hatcher told WLS.

Police say that the victim knew Scott because their children often played together in the complex's common courtyard. Neighbors describe Scott as kind and not the type of person they would have expected to commit such an act.

"I could have been walking my kid to school this morning, and he could have been hiding underneath my truck or attacked me, and that makes me real uncomfortable," said neighbor Andria Perez.

"They always tell us 'know your neighbors,' but do you really know your neighbors? If you don't talk to them on a regular basis, you don't really know them," she continued.

Because Scott left his ID and clothing at the victim's apartment, he was easily identified. According to the Daily Mail, he hid under a truck only 40 yards from the apartment complex. He has been arrested on suspicion of aggravated sexual assault and is currently in custody.

KPRC reports that the victim is currently distraught and at the hospital for evaluation. Neighbors say that they are disturbed by the incident and will be on high alert. 

"I am glad [my daughters] were asleep," said resident Brandon Hatcher. "I just pray for the family that wasn't as fortunate."

Sources: Daily Mail, WLS, KPRC / Photo credit: Tony Webster/Flickr

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