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First Look At Who This Officer Caught Speeding, Then Look At Who He Pulled Over (Video)

Dash-cam footage caught what appears to show police officers pulling over the wrong speeding driver.

The footage (video below) shows the driver with the dash-cam avoiding a close call with a Dodge Challenger on May 8 in Allen Park, Michigan, which reportedly sped past at upwards of 100 miles per hour. A police car was then seen chasing the Challenger down.

“It all happened very quickly and scared the s*** out of me as he zoomed right by me at that speed,” the dash-cam driver, identified only as Mr. Sarge, said. “I shifted over to the left a bit in my lane when I saw him coming from behind. I then saw the police come running after him a good 20 seconds or so behind.”

Later, the video showed the officer stopping a black vehicle, which it seems he thought was the speeding Challenger, but that car apparently wasn't the one speeding earlier.

“I called the officer and told him he caught the wrong person and I had visual dash-cam and picture proof he caught the wrong person and was slightly aggressive with me saying, 'No, I caught the right person!' I insisted on bringing my footage to them to see and he said he didn’t need it,” Mr. Sarge said. “So I called again and spoke to the chief in charge and he said I would need to file a complaint in which an internal agent would be assigned and it would be reviewed.”

Check out the video below. Do you think officers pulled over the wrong person?

Sources: JalopnikYouTube

Photo Credit: Screen Capture via Jalopnik


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