Woman Caught Taking Dead Husband On Road Trip


Police discovered a woman driving through Alaska with her dead husband's body.

The woman, who is not being charged with any crime, was supposed to be driving to a mortuary, but instead took her dead husband on a road trip across Alaska, according to The Guardian. Police said the woman had been driving around for a few days.

The man, who was 78, had reportedly died of natural causes, and was being kept cold with ice from fish canneries.

Police pulled the widow's car over around 3 a.m. on July 20 after receiving a call from a third party, according to the Juneau Empire.

“My understanding is kind of -- leading up to the events of the last couple days -- there’s been a rolling wake or viewing," said Alan Bengaard, the Ketchikan police chief. "It was pointed out to me that, evidently, she had stopped at a couple of the canneries and got ice and filled the bed of the truck with ice to keep the body chilled.”

“For some reason," Bengaard said, "she decided to not go directly to the mortuary and had been driving around with him for a couple days.”

The body was inside an aluminum transport casket, according to The Associated Press.

After police stopped the woman, a mortuary took custody of the body. The family will have the opportunity to make further arrangements, but Bengaard said he hoped the woman would not take her husband's body out on the road again.

The chief said he had never seen anything like the incident in his career.

“You can’t make this stuff up,” said Bengaard.

Source: The Guardian, AP, Juneau Empire / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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