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First Grader's Reaction To Video Quickly Goes Viral (Photo)

Some folks use the long Memorial Day weekend to take advantage of sales and fire up the barbecue. But first grade student Triston from Pineville Elementary in Charlotte, North Carolina, learned about the real reason for the holiday for the first time on May 21.

Triston’s teacher, Emily Rose Fontana, is the daughter of a Vietnam veteran. Her father has also gone to Iraq to train others. "My dad has put so many years into the military and has watched so many best friends pass away," she said. "So I am a big believer to still teach the real meaning of Memorial Day."

Fontana showed her class a video about Memorial Day, which commemorates fallen soldiers. "This little special angel sat saluting the screen for the entire 10 min. while tears rolled down his face," she wrote on Facebook. 

"It shows how small a child can be and have one of the biggesssttttt hearts I have ever witnessed."

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Sources: My Fox 8WCNC

Image via Facebook


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